About Us

From the beginning, Anthony and Jim had a goal to work together in real estate doing what they love, and wanted to share their passion of real estate with others. They’ve developed a solid foundation of real estate knowledge, a team of professionals to get anything done, and the expertise necessary to navigate any transaction, but most importantly they have the integrity to follow up on promises.

Early on, as they began to develop the company and carve their niche in the big world of real estate, they quickly realized that there was a distinct need for certain real estate services they originally did not foresee. So they decided to create a set of companies – where in collaboration with one another, they would offer a package of creative and unique services under one large umbrella company, known as “RockSolid Properties.”

Their humble beginnings make their present-day success all the more remarkable. Anthony was able to attend a university and obtain a science degree, but after being in the science industry for over 5 years he realized that he would never be able to pay off the deep pit of student loans that were accumulated obtaining his degree! This led him to search out a major change in his career, ultimately asking his dad for help getting into the real estate business.

Jim, being a business owner and general contractor for over 40 years was ready and willing to help. Together, Anthony and Jim invested in educating themselves and building a brand new business that would change both of their lives forever. They started the company RockSolid Properties, and with a great combination of business education and serious determination they were able to quickly see the success that they hoped to achieve by launching this company. RockSolid Properties is now a fully family operated business and will remain an permanent, positive influence in the state of Colorado.

  • First and foremost I’d like to personally thank Anthony and the team at RockSolid Properties. This amazing company gave me A single Father A opportunity at home ownership. Not to get to personal after a rough divorce a few years back, and a uphill battle to repair my credit I was just not at the mark for a bank loan. I happened to come across the current home I now live in owned by Anthony and RockSolid team under the rent to own owner financing. After taking a tour of the beautiful home upgrades all throughout, Anthony and I began talking numbers and how his business works. I immediately went home got on their website and read reviews looked up their BBB ratings and I was sold. Needless to say Anthony and RockSolid Properties is a phenomenal company class act! The transition in the home was seamless Anthony was there every step of the way for any help or questions during the process. He came personally over 50 plus miles for any paperwork and walkthroughs and finally receiving keys to my new home. So all in all RockSolid Properties is a testament to professionalism Honesty And is a stand up company. If your on the fence about deciding to work with RockSolid Properties your doing yourself a disservice. Again my hats off and another thank you to Anthony and RockSolid Properties.

    Benjamin Page, Aurora, CO
  • “Great company! I must say that the situation I found my family & I in at 1st was overwhelming to say the least. I hired a fast talking “realtor” 1st who made $$ promises & blew tons of smoke. Fired that company due to dragging of feet, communication, & unkept promises made directly by Mr.T.M. (Name withheld..they’ll get theirs) RockSolid was a gift. I don’t remember how we initially crossed paths but Mr. Anthony Guida was nothing short of fantastic. Being unaware of this type of sale, I had my pessimist hat on, as well as a family peanut gallery chiming in, but Anthony was very knowledgeable, honest and accommodating to my unique situation. He was able to help guide us through some obstacles all the while keeping in mind that what my family was going through was tough. His patience never wavered. He negotiated a fair price, gave us a good amount of time to make minor repairs and was never abrasive or pushy. I was probably the most skeptical of the bunch but I must honestly say that it was a pleasure working with you Anthony, I appreciate the communication, understanding and balance in which you carried out this process. If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation give him a call. I can say with confidence that you shall not be displeased. Many Thanks.”

    Adam Heineke
  • “RockSolid Properties was such a wonderful experience. Anthony and his team were very polite and helpful. There’s not enough words to express my appreciation. The name of there company is definitely who they are. I recommend theme highly without a doubt.”

    Rhonda Valdez, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “This company is fantastic! Not only were the very friendly and gave a fair price. They worked with us at every turn they even gave me an extra day to clear the house!”

    Shawna Dennis, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “They are great people to work with, and very knowledgeable about the law’s and by-laws, I highly recommend them.”

    Adam Dennis, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Working with Anthony and the RockSolid Properties team was an efficient and painless experience. They were fair and worked closing quickly and on my timeline.”

    Rob Lerner, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “I worked with Anthony at RockSolid Properties on our first home purchase, and he was such a pleasure to work with. He cared and worked with us and made it a great experience. Anthony and the RockSolid Properties team are highly recommended by us.”

    Debra Martinez, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Anthony and his company RockSolid are wonderful to do business with! We bought a property from him in very fair price. Anthony helped us with everything that we were finding trouble with. Anthony and his father Mr. Jim Guida both of them are very nice and adjustable! Would recommend to do business with them!”

    Avani, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “It was great working with Anthony on the sale of my mom’s house. He was thorough and handled all of the details for the closing which made the sale go smoothly for my sister and myself. I would definitely recommend him to anyone selling their home.”

    Kaye Furgeson, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Thank you so much to Anthony Guida and his group of professionals for my life-changing experience. They are all about helping people. They listened – they cared – they helped. These folks are genuine and honorable, it helped to restore my faith in my fellow man… and I needed that. We all do.”

    Edith Rigney, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “I am so happy that I decided to contact Anthony Guida to help me with my house sale! At first it was hard to reach out to someone that I don’t know, but after we met I quickly realized how professional and excellent Anthony was at his job. Not only was he able to buy my house and close very quickly, but he also gave me cash to help me get back on my feet again AND he was able to help me build my credit as I walked into a fresh start in life! If you are on the fence about reaching out to Anthony to help you with your home please take my advice and call him! You won’t regret it!”

    Reney Thurman, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Anthony Guida was tremendous in helping me get my home sold! We were going through an extremely difficult situation financially and facing foreclosure but Anthony was able to step in and help the sales process from start to finish. Although for my house in particular he was not able to buy it directly he still had other options for me that made everything work out in the end. Anthony went above and beyond by making sure the heat stayed on all winter (so that the pipes in the house wouldn’t freeze) after I had to move out of state. I highly recommend working with Anthony Guida when you need to sell your house!”

    Vanessa Valentine, Woodland Park, CO